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As you store with us, we have developed a new price model exclusively for you.

On the one hand, this reflects greater capacity utilisation better but also offers you an absolutely easy-to-measure delivery margin per unit for pricing and simplified calculation.

For this pricing we are working with „units“ on a flat fee basis, so that it makes it easier for you to calculate a price per bottle. Starting at a base fee of 4 units, we secure a minimum starting fee on our side, but offer you unlimited quantities per customer delivered.

Base Fee 12,00€ per drop / 4 units included
Price per unit 3,00€ per unit above Base Fee
Boxes Content Threshold equals Units
Bottle Box 6 bottles per bottle <1l 1 U
Bottle Box 6 bottles per bottle >1l 2 U
Bag in a Box 5l+3l each 8l 1 U
Kegs weight equals Units
20l 20kg 3 U
24l 25kg 4 U
30l 31kg 5 U
* PLEASE NOTE: The price per unit applies per unit requested and is calculated at a flat rate. No limit on the total number of units delivered per stop. Prices are only valid for orders with a delivery time window of at least 3 hours inside CROW business hours.
For faster deliveries, see surcharge table below. Please take into account that packing of orders is not part of the delivery time window.
This offer is only valid in connection with a cooperation agreement as a fulfillment and SaaS customer of CROW and only if a valid SEPA mandate has been issued.
Furthermore, these prices are only valid in the core delivery area. We continue to charge standard prices outside this area.
EXPRESS Surcharges Price Surcharge
Time Window under 3h +1,00€ per Unit
AT-HOUR +/- 15min. +2,00€ per Unit
For recurring supply deliveries to your shop, to account for the increased weight, as well as flexible delivery, we can offer a unique price. With key access to the shop, and without a time restricted delivery, the cost per unit will be 1,50€.
All prices are net and subject to 19% VAT