We are a car-free & independent bike courier cooperative of Berlin cargobike couriers.

CROW is 100% self-managed, self-reliant and sustainable. Collective means: as equal partners, we work without intermediaries or external platforms and are passionate about cycling. We are real messengers and hold up high the messenger culture, but we also fight inequality, discrimination and exploitation which are so usual in this field of business.

Our competences

As a decentralised network of active couriers, we work for our customers in a flexible, fast, sustainable, visionary and future-oriented manner. Our goal is to transform the logistics of the city in order to assume social responsibility together with our customers and partners: for a city with a better quality of life through less air pollution and noise. We are also located in Berlins geographical center, enabling us to respond quickly and emission-free.

On the road to sustainability

With this knowledge in our pockets we are constantly improving our qualities on the bike. Without traffic jams, without searching for a parking space and with flexible route planning, we can deliver your products on time. Specialised and adapted to the requirements of goods transport, bicycle couriers in urban areas are fast, professional and independent of traffic – and thus the ideal overdue alternative to motorised delivery traffic.


The so-called last kilometer is the big problem of logistics in the city. Everybody knows the huge number of vans that cause massive traffic jams and exhaust fumes when parked in second row. With the bicycle transport we offer a suitable solution to enable our customers to participate in the positive shaping of our common living space.


Berlin is not the ideal bicycle city. Our experienced couriers are nevertheless unbeatably fast and independent of the traffic situation. We know many hidden paths and also the perfect route during rush hour – however, our customers always pay for the shortest way.


We reject exploitative working conditions. We insist on risk adequate and liveable wages for bicycle couriers and would like to build cooperations with people who acknowledge these circumstances. We design our working environment ourselves and in our own way. Of course we have to make compromises in some areas – but not in all.


We are a local company and we are happy to help other local companies develop their local logistics. Especially if these companies share our demands for ecological action.