How do I order couriers from CROW?

We accept spontaneous orders from existing or new customers during opening hours by phone at 030 403 66 89 66 or by email at DISPATCH@CROWBERLIN.DE.

For longer-term collaborations or special delivery requests, like recurring orders, feel free to email us at

Do you come by car, or are larger deliveries possible in a transporter?

No. We choose to deliver without cars, vans or trucks – as we believe they are the biggest blockage on the way of a city development towards quality of life. We deliver exclusively on cargo bikes with the same capacities. For heavier or larger deliveries, we have trailers that fit to our cargo bikes.

What information is required when placing an order?

We need to know

  • what is to be delivered (measurements l+w+h, weight, fragility)
  • from when to when the delivery is to be made, or if there is a specific pick-up or delivery time;
  • what the pick-up and delivery addresses are, with the contact details of the people or companies on site;
  • if special delivery confirmations are required;
  • if the recipient is not reachable, whether we may drop off the delivery with a neighbor, drop it in the mailbox, or if we should return it to the pickup address.

I do not have a company, can I still use your service? 

Of course. Anybody can place an order with us. We need the same information as for any other delivery order. Also, all payment methods are accepted. For new customers and one-off orders, however, we prefer pre-payment by bank transfer with proof, Paypal or cash.

How can I pay for my order? 

Our invoices can be paid by

  • invoice
  • SEPA mandate
  • Paypal
  • or cash at pick up or delivery

For those with a customer account, invoices are collected and sent at the end of the month. These are usually paid by bank transfer or by SEPA mandate.

If another solution is needed, please mention this when placing the order. Of course, we can also send an invoice directly after the order is completed.

Cash payments are possible, but must also be announced. Please note that the couriers may not always have the correct change.

For one-off orders, especially from private persons, we may ask for prepayment via PayPal.

Can I spontaneously add something to my already placed delivery?

In most cases, yes. Please notify our dispatchers by phone or email.

To be efficient in our work, couriers often have multiple deliveries with them. Our dispatchers will know if the addition will still fit within the courier’s route and capacity. If a change should be made to the delivery, we try our best to accommodate.

When will the courier arrive?

If you would like the courier to arrive at the pickup or delivery address at a specific time, we can arrange a Termin/ASAP. For deliveries with a larger time window, we try to use the flexibility to be efficient. Therefore, without a time specific order, we can only give general estimates around timing.

How should my delivery be packed? 

Deliveries should always be packed appropriate for the goods being transported. Letters should be in envelopes. Laptops or monitors like to be in their cushioned boxes. Loose items do well in bags or boxes, which also make it easier to determine volume and weight. As a general rule, the sender is responsible for ensuring that deliveries are packed as securely as they wish.