CROW Bike Courier Service Berlin – Prices CROW Bike Courier Berlin – Pricing Prices Bi9ke Courier Berlin
Base Fee 9,00€ Starting price at the beginning of a tour with any number of stops
Envelope 1,20€ per km A4 Envelopes, Smartphones, Keys, small cables etc…
S 1,50€ max. 5kg / 80cm L+W+H* equals 1 shoe box
M 2,00€ max. 15kg / 140cm L+W+H* equals 1 moving box
L 2,50€ max. 25kg / 180cm L+W+H* equals 2 moving box
XL 3,00€ max. 50kg / 240cm L+W+H* equals 4 moving boxes
* The price per kilometre is based on the weight or size of the goods to be delivered. Relevant for this is the sum of the 3 dimensional sides of a package Length + Width + Height (L+B+H).
In case of doubt, the category for the calculation basis is adjusted during delivery.
For Pick-Ups and Deliveries outside of our core zone the distance away from the zone border is being charged twice.
“Appointment” 4,50€ per stop max. 30min time window at pickup / delivery
Appointment PLUS 9,00€ per stop max. 10min window at pickup / delivery
EXTRAS 4,50€
Intermediate Stop between first and last stop of a tour
Service Time per 5 min. / first 5 min. incl.
Cash Advance per 50€ advance
Depot Fee per night + per package: when we store packages at our premises over night
*50% surcharge for delivery outside business hours (only on request)
*Deliveries with large volumes or weights are possible on request
All prices are net and subject to 19% VAT