CROW bike courier service berlin – price list Price List
Category Price Description
Base Fee 8€
Fee per Kilometer 1.20€ XS (<1kg or <30cm)
1.50€ S (<5 kg or <40cm)
1.80€ M (<25kg or <60cm)
2.10€ L (<60kg or <120cm)
2.50€ XL (<100kg or >120cm)
3.00€ XXL (>120kg or >120cm)
Scheduled/Express Delivery + 5€ Additional Charge
Overweight/Oversize + 5€ Additional Charge (XL and XXL)
The flat rate per kilometre depends on the weight or size of the goods to be delivered.
In case of doubt, the category for the calculation basis will be adjusted during delivery.
* For pick-ups or deliveries outside the core delivery area, the kilometres from or to the regional border will be charged additionally according to the price list.
Additional fees
Category Price Description
Additional Stop + 5€ per delivery
Service Time + 3.50€ / 5 min. first 5 min. incl.
Payment Pre-Financing + 5€ per 50€
Special Shape + 5€
Overnight Storage + 5€ / night
Intermediate Storage + 5€ / day for packages in category M or higher
Deliveries Outside Business Hours up to 50% surcharge only upon request
All prices are quoted net plus 19% VAT.