CROW Fahrradkurier Berlin – Referral Program CROW Fahrradkurierdienst Berlin – Preise 2024 Referral Program CROW Kurierservice Berlin

CROW survives by maximising capacity utilisation as efficiently as possible. If you, as our existing customer, help us to win new customers and thus lead to better capacity utilisation – then you also help us to be able to offer you better prices!

And because we would like to do this directly as a reward for your effect in our cooperative network, we would also like to reward you directly for your impact.

That’s why we’ve developed a referral programme that you can use to offset the current price increases.

For each new customer you win for us, we will calculate your referral reward on a monthly basis – and this at least throughout 2024, with high likeliness to continue after this year.

Once your referred customer has ordered for the first time, we will set them up as your reward contact.

To make it easier for you to acquire a new customer for us, they will get a 5% discount on their total monthly invoice.

The according amount saved by the new customer will be deducted from your invoice (example: customer makes 100€ turnover, you earn 5€, they pay 95€)

Furthermore, if the new customer has created a net-turnover of at least 50€ or more, you will get 1% on your own invoice discounted – for each single new customer you aqcuired, and per invoice of those.

So if you manage to acquire 10 new customers who all make 100€ turnover, you will get 10% on your invoice total plus an additional 50€ overall discount of the 5% share!

Best is to have the newly acquired customers register immediately via the customer registration form and enter you as a reference contact in the corresponding field: link to customer registration form
All prices are net and subject to 19% VAT